Body swap thread

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OT: >>7541728
Write your own story edition
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Giantess Vore

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Last thread >>7557842
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Sissy and feminization Comics

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Hello guys, the last thread about sissy and feminization reached the limit so lets start a new one. I'll share what i have and hope some1 share the new Kats always a briide, its the pic about
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TG / Gender Bender Thread

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Please gentlemen, leave the long green texting and questionnaire filling at the door.
Let us discuss porn for porn's sake.
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Gender Bender/TG thread

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Summer Comiket soon.
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Hypnosis Thread

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Let's get a hypnosis thread going

Also, looking for a hypnotist willing to try and work with me
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Elastic thread
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Non-humanoid / Monster vore

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You know the rules: Post everything here with a predator that doesn't look like a human. Monster girls count as humanoid.
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00:24 - Anon: Imagine a Slaaneshi dreadnought with power dildoes.
00:28 - Anon: For arms.
00:28 - OtherAnon: NO BROTHER
00:28 - OtherAnon: IT MUST FIRE THE DILDOS
00:29 - Anon: Dude, it's Slaaneshi. There's no such thing as "too much power".
00:31 - Anon: Still. I'm imagining flying, homing dildoes that burrow into their targets a la those nasty Tyranid things.
00:30 - Anon: Still. I'm imagining flying, homing dildoes that burrow into their targets a la those nasty Tyranid things.
00:31 - OtherAnon: Slaanesh fused demons into power dildos
00:31 - Anon: Except that the hole they make becomes a vagina, because Slaanesh.
00:31 - OtherAnon: created awful creatures that seek only to insert into things
00:32 - OtherAnon: Remove virginity

So, 40k thread?
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Unbirth thread

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Unbirth general, age regression also encouraged
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Unbirth thread
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My new favorite thing

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I've been converting hentai images into spaghetti on Ostagram and it's giving me a raging boner
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Monstergirl Thread #29: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birbs

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"Do you happen to have a pair of birds that are... just friendly?"

Same rules as usual: Post cute monster girls, talk about cute monster girls, write stories about cute monstergirls. Especially cute birb girls.

No futa or traps please.

Previous Thread: >>7582963
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Reviving this nice thread.
C'mon man
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excessive bondage thread

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the more the better

futa and trap are fine
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