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Ghost Mode

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What is the Ghost Mode?
Image unrelated.

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When will search get enabled on both archives?

Archive when?

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How's the migration? Any ETA when the archives will be up? /u/ badly needs one.

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Real talk what is this shit for? It just looks a conglomeration of failed tripfags who are too afraid to post on 4chan

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new server configuration sucks, the thread
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Welcome to the internal testing boards!

You can access the new boards here: It should be quicker and has a higher filesize limit, but HTTPS support is limited (issues with certificates, it should be fine but I'm not prioritizing fixing it atm), search is disabled and theres some new anti-spam stuff going on in testing. Beyond that it should run just the same as this board, and if it doesn't I'll fix it.

Thanks for helping to test and I hope this goes smoothly. (It won't.)