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Sorry for the downtime, no data was lost.

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Can I forward my full_image to your full images?

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I'm the administrator of and I archive the entire 4chan.
I aim at primary thumbnails, with the exception of gd, po and qst since they are small and no one else archives them with foolfuuka&asagi.

My question is, may I link to your full images? More precisely, your /d/, /lgbt/, /t/ and /u/ boards. c and e are covered already by nyafuu.
I've already spoken with VoH and 4plebs and they allowed me to do it.
Thumbnails will be loaded from my site, but when a user clicks on a thumb it will be redirected to your archive.

I have a discussion about it here -

As a companionship I can offer you any help whatsoever that you'd require or even offer you a financial donation to help you cover your hosting bills.

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whats up with google reverse search

Scraping: UTF-8 encoding failure?

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Recently scraped posts are getting all their trans-ASCII characters replaced with question marks.

(Or at least most of them are. Compare >>>/u/1913261 and >>>/u/1913263; the former is the only one I've seen with the text intact.)

Dunno if it happens here.

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Hey there. Not dead, just been busy.

Status: Full images still need to be transferred. What's left is /e/, /i/, /lgbt/, /t/, /u/.

/d/ is done, which was the big one kind of causing issues because hard drive limits (full images since Jan 2014, wew). But mostly, I've just been lazy. After that's done, search will be enabled internally. I'm not going to give an estimated time because I'm bad about that, but the rsyncs should be done tomorrow. Again that's not any indication, but from what I'm seeing in on the server rsync won't take much longer.
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Ghost Mode

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What is the Ghost Mode?
Image unrelated.

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When will search get enabled on both archives?

Archive when?

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How's the migration? Any ETA when the archives will be up? /u/ badly needs one.

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Real talk what is this shit for? It just looks a conglomeration of failed tripfags who are too afraid to post on 4chan

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new server configuration sucks, the thread
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