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1. Should parents who allow their children to transition be convicted of child abuse?

2. Should parents who don't allow their children to transition be convicted of child abuse?
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/clg/ lazy & depressed edition

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Can transwomen be tomboys?
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/repgen/ - Repression General - Master Chief Edition:

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would /lgbt/ fuck a hairy butt?

ITT: Will I pass?

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I'll start
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Trans Surgical Care in Military Is on Hold, Leaked Emails Say

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/mtfg/ Transgirl General

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So guys, tomorrow I will be with my crush for few hours alone at my house. He is the guy I met 2 months ago, but we quickly became good friends. The thing is he is straight christian (very religious) and I would like to at least kiss him. First of all he did kiss some guy because of a dare, but here I thought more of something like "mate, come here for a sec, I'd like to try something" and play it off as some joke. Another problem is me, I don't have any experience with this, never done anything gay before because if anyone finds out, Im in deep shit. My father would probably even disown me, keeps telling me how he hates fags. Also all my friends would left me because everyone right-wing here. This crush is going to leave from my reach at the end of this summer, and I will probably never see him again, although my friends might learn this fact, which would lead to my utter destruction ._. Btw he often flirts with girls and we also talked about his crushes.

Well then! Any of you guys have any experience, or advice how to advance?

Tldr: guy I like, wanna at least kiss him

/mtfg/ Transgirl General

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I Am A Transwoman. I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out.

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Let's play a game /tttt/!

If you're a tranny, post a picture of you, pretransition, with a group of people, and others guess which one is trans.
You can play even if you haven't transitioned yet.
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If you're taller than Charizard you're a hon

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Sorry I don't make the rules
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