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Is it ok to only use preferred pronouns if they're under 5'8? I have a few tranny friends and I'm fine to gender them as female. But they introduced me to this giant 6ft+ one and I just can't do it. Is that okay/PC?
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/mtfg/ - male to female genderal

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Wait for it edition (if someone other than me posts the follow up thread with the accompanying appropriate picture my death will be certain)

• Transitioning guide:
• What gender dysphoria is:
• How to come out:
• Basic DIY hormones:!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW
• Makeup tutorials:
• Fashion tutorials:
• Male vs Female measurement data:
• Correct hormone levels:
• Checking your levels:
• Transition timelines:
• Voice Training:
• Voice Help:
• Changing your birth certificate:
• Discord:
• IRC:

thread anterior: >>9586845
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this true the ideal man for an HSTS is a bisexual man?
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Do you have insecurities about your height? What effects if any does it have on your life? Discuss.

I'm a 5'5" gay guy and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm afraid people won't take me too seriously and my youngish looking face doesn't seem to help (I'm 20).
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I'm 26. Tell me it's too late.
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Teasing straight friend

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I don't care if it's wrong I just love teasing my straight friend it's fun

>made compliments on his ass
>rest my barefeet on him while playing videogames and he doesn't complain
>made him admit he jerks to traps
>tickled him everytime
>made him tell me his dick size

What else evil things could I do?
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/gaygen/ Gay General: Boyfriends Edition

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Why don't you have a bf yet, gaygen?
Would you be loyal to your bf?
Would you trust him to be loyal to you?

Last thread >>9582542
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How does a cis girl seduce and woo a trans girl?
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Would you rather change orientation or sex?

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This is for cis LG (cishet lurkers too I guess).
Imagine you have to change either orientation or sex. It's a 100% perfect change, as if you were reborn with different orientation/sex - no dysphoria etc. Would you rather:
1) stay your sex and change your orientation to heterosexual, or
2) change sex and retain your sexual attraction (i.e. become straight of the opposite gender)?

I'm lesbian and I'd probably rather become male and stay attracted to women. Being female is ok but becoming male feels like a less radical change than becoming attracted to men. It's like I have no particular innate concept or feel that I'm female, so I could just as well be male - but I really can't imagine being attracted to men, even though changing orientation is objectively a smaller change. I know it sounds a bit paradoxical and absurd and that's why I'm asking the question, how would you answer?
>no i'm not a man-hating radfem. i love men on every level except sexual
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Why are traps so desirable?

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What is it about it a feminine girl face and a feminized male body with a cute cock so appealing? Why do I have to like this when traps/trans girls are so rare?
As a side note, Japanese traps are patricians tier as are Japanese as a whole.
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Relationship Problens

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>Be me. >barely passable hon. >fall in love with this amazing guy. >5 years of bliss we date. >takes care of me >talk about marriage. >fast forward to christmas time. >he starts drinking more, I know hes under alot of stress. >somtimes he says really mean shit. >promises to quit drinking. >breaks promise over and over. >still drinks but cuts back. How do I help him? I don't want to abandon him, not after all hes done for me. He doesnt want to go to AA, he says they are a cult. What am I supose to do? I just want my best friend back.
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is there a correlation between transgenderism and stupidity?

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My question is absolutely legitimate and not meant to be inflammatory. When I started my transition, I thought that trans-women were courageous and extremely intelligent people. However, I found out that the opposite is true. The stupidity, lack of self-awareness, ignorance of trans-women are appalling. I do not think I am smart, but, at least I have some self-awareness and critical thinking. I think there must be a correlation between stupidity and transgenderism.

Look at the screenshot attached. Someone says that people do not go around with a ruler or spreading caliper, therefore, craniofacial differences between men and women are irrelevant. Therefore, unless someone has a degree in forensic anthropologist, they will not clock you.

I have also met people in real life, with whom I had previously chatted online, who swore up and down that they were stealth and nobody clocked them, and yet, they looked ridiculously manly and anybody in Starbucks coffee were clocking them.
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/ftmg/ - female to male general

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Beard edition. What's your beard goal?

Stale bred: >>9545459


Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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FFS surgery

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Who are some of the best FFS surgeons in and outside the US

Right now I have a consultation with Dr. Mardirossian in south florida
Who here has had FFS and had good results
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Anyone else feel annoyed that they look really ambigious as to what gender they are?

I seem to pass pretty well on dating sites because I'll be talking to folk and then disclose that I'm trans only for them to block me, but IRL passing is a mixed bag

Pic related: it's me
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