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/gaygen: gay general/

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Anyone else here low key thinks Robin looks pretty good?
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Yikes. Sorry guys.
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Avert your eyes hsts

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I can relate to maybe two things listed here, the rest is the most aggressively agp i've ever seen, not even in a judgmental way, but this almost convinced me Blanchardism is 100%
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What hypermasculine activities can I do to purge my femininity?

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I'm a man not a hon. Will vidya and programming help?
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Circumboy General

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This is a thread for boys who want to be girls who want to be boys, butch trans girls, AGP femboys, repressors on HRT, and other circumboys. Circumgirls are also welcome becasue whatever.

> What is a circumboy?
Somebody on tumblr defined it as "an AMAB boy who identifies as a trans boy". I decided that this was silly and have now reappropriated the term to mean autoandromimetophilic AMAB, i.e. a natal male who's dysphoric and who's ideal outcome would be as similar as possible to very butch natal female.

> I don't think X group that you mentioned in the beginning counts as a circumboy.
Probably not, but I'm trying to start this concept so I need as many people to join as possible. We can make a better definition later.

> Are you trenders?
I'm intensely dysphoric, just in a really weird way.
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/mtfg/ - trans woman general

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Self hate general

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Lets discuss our self loathing.
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Do HSTS early transitioner peers consider Eli an outsider?

It's already common knowledge that it's traumatizing to early trans to show them accounts of AGP lifestyles as if they're somehow instrinsicly relateable to them for being "trans".

Shouldn't the same thing apply to her and her relationship to HSTS early trans?
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What is our appeal

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Why do guys acually like transgirls (espically early transition), and femboys (the repressed hrt ones not the hypertwinks)?

Sure some of us looks good, and you cant put a objective value on looks, but there is a massive amount of work and just weirdness and social stigma of it all. With normal people you dont have to comfort them about their body/disphoria every day, and they arent crying all the time. Why would not just seek out a person who isnt fucked in the head?

Im not talking about chasers who just have a fetish for it, in talking about normal guys/girls.
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>be lesbain
>5 years ago
>1/50 girl trans on okcupid
>1/10 girl trans on okcupid

Tired of this shit.
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>a straight transwoman dating a cis man without "telling him" is legally and socially considered rape by mainstream society and by WPATH
>but transbians demanding and forcing cis lesbians to change their dating and sexual preferences is considered socially progressive

Care to explain why?
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Who is your least favorite LGBTJ advocate, and why?
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what's her name again
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*blocks your path*

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wat do
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