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Chaser Typology

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I have been observing chasers in the wild, so to speak, and came up with these basic chaser types.

1. The "I want to dominate a weaker, submissive male" chaser - edgy chaser who uses trannies as an outlet for his oddly narcissistic fantasies. Probably faps to the never realized plans of Third Reich supercities.
2. The "I don't mind experimenting with a feminine boy once" guy - the mildest of all chasers. Likes twinkhons.
3. The "Please fuck me with your girlcock, I'm too much repressed to come out as gay already" chaser - this chaser is too weak to go full-fledged gay, instead he uses trannies to satisfy his latent homosexual urges.
4. Sadistic chaser - at first glance he seems like the 1st type except the 1st type is never explicit about his motivations and you might easily mistake him for just another "confident" "assertive" dude. This one will exploit your vulnerability and make you know how much worthless/non-human you are, all just to fondle your tears-stained conetits.

Many of them tend to be a combination of two or more types but these seem to be the most prevalent ones tbqh.