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Does anyone else have fantasies about being a victim of transphobic violence?

I have these fantasies for example, where I am walking away from a bar when a group of men come up to and corner me. It escalates even though I try to get away and I am easily overpowered and one of them hits me and knocks me down and slams a brick in my face. Before I know it I am on the ground being kicked and stomped on.

A group of LGBT-friendly people come around the corner and stop and chase off the attackers. I am in pain and badly hurt but they comfort me and ask if they can give me a ride home. I tell them I'm scared about going home in case they follow me, so they take me to a nearby coffee shop and buy me a cup of coffee and let me stay the night at their place. We stay up and talk and play video games and after sleeping for a few hours I leave in the morning.