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Why does everyone assume I'm gay?

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Anyone else here ever have people just assume you're gay even when your not?

>Hit on by way more guys then any of my other straight friends
>Even every girl I dated at some point even accuse me of being gay.
>I have never been sexually interested interested in a male.

Though I do have a few strikes against me:
1-Wear female underwear
2-Cross dress on Halloween
3-Paint toes (dark colors mostly)
4-Pirced Nipples
5-Tried anal with a strap-on, and a few other toys a bunch of times, never really got into it.
6- Overall fairly disinterested in sex
7- I admit that if I was single and met a guy who I made me feel the same way I felt about a girl, I'd have no hesitation in becoming romantically involved, But I have never felt that way about a man.
8-Occastionally enjoy "girly" things (nail art, music, anime, ect.)

I can understand why some of my friends think I am a faggot, They have known me for many years, and have seen many acts that are not actually homosexual, but still kinda "gay" on my part. But there are times where I am not showing my faggot power level where dudes hit on me, or a woman will talk about a random usually hyper-feminine topic.

Is there some secret gay tell that I have to avoid doing?

6'4" 210lbs White, Redneck/Hippie, Happy guy who loves to have a good time and laugh, Short hair, only facial hair is sideburns