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What is wrong with transgender communities?

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> Join transcord discord community
> Talk about vidya and grinding in RPG's
> Tell them grinding gives me PTSD
> Get called out for "joking" about PTSD and diminishing people who have PTSD
> Call them autistic retards for their safespace bullshit
> Get time-out and I left the discord, can't deal with such high level of autism

> Join transspeak discord
> Check out #selfie channel
> Clearly see hons being praised about how good they look like. And even trannies being praised about how feminine they are when still look like a dude.
> Nope.jpg
> Check out vidya channel
> See people constantly obsessing about Overwatch and Zelda.
> Tell them they are both massively overrated and that they should try other vidya
> They fucking flip about it
> Tell them to fuck off and stop the autistic screeching
> Get a temp ban
> Leave transspeak discord.

Just what the fuck is wrong with these people. Even saying "idiot" there is considered a slur and ableist. No wonder why us trannies have such a bad reputation. The level of autism is just too fucking high.