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IRL Trans Hate

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Does anyone else despise the trannies they know from IRL?

I know three other trannies from my school, and none of them make efforts to pass, all of them are probably on hon-tier dosages given by the effects they got, or they have shit genetics, none of them put any effort into fashion, makeup, hairstyle, etc. and seem to have gone straight into taking titty skittles without even exploring that it was something they felt they needed to do. It's like they didn't even think "huh I'm going to be changing my body right now and if I fuck up everyone is going to think I'm a freak."

None of them actually had to deal with family rejection and all their shit has just gotten magically sorted out.

At least I pass, but I don't want to be associated with these lazy AGPs who never dealt with adversity.

Just fuck my shit up.