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Crossdressing my two cents

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I started crossdressing when i was 12. I was ashamed about it, and that shame drove a lot of deviant behavior. As far as constantly stealing friends undwear to wear. This kept up till i was about 17 an i realized there was probably something wrong with me and im getting to old for this to be weird poorly socialized childish sexual exploration. I still was over come with shame so i stared to research crossdressing.

All i could find was hopeless information about a incurable disorder called transveste fetishism. That i did not identify with at all. But then i ran into a single obscure webpage by some phycologist talking about how she handled clients who where crossdressers and her opinion on the matter.

She was influenced by carl jung and the idea of a “male” and “female” part of the psyche. (anima, and animus) in treating her patients she worked on devilify corssdressing in the mind an secondly recognized the famine aspect of there personality that was driving the crossdressing and integrate it into ther conscious awareness instead of ignoring it.

Interestingly she found that when people did this they stopped crossdressing entirely.

That was exactly my case. My progress went from
>be ashamed of crossdressing and doing it compulsively instead of making a conscience decision
>be ashamed of my submissive and bisexual desires
>embrace both aspects with a conscientious effort devoting time to enjoy them.
>after literally three months of going out buying womens clothes and generally not giving a fuck or feeling any shame
>I stopped cross dressing entirely.

That was ten years ago, im still kinda gay and have gay sex from time to time but i never fantasize about it while being dressed as the opposite gender and i still no longer crossdress because i dont desire to. Am also just WAY more sexually fulfilled in all my relationships since then.

Idk just figured id share idk if it could help any of you confused or ashamed gender benders out there