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Yuri Game Thread

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Updates and Discussion for English and Japanese games, visual novels, RPGs, etc.

Lists of Yuri Games:

Yuri Game CGs:

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Akaiito and Aoishiro

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We haven't had a thread about these gems in awhile.
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another series from YuriHime gets anime adaption, yuri harem this time!
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Frozen/Elsanna thread

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GL Webtoon Thread

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Master Pad:

Use Base64 code for PWs

To Add:
Just Right There !

What Does The Fox Say?

Moonlight Garden

Miss Angel & Miss Devil

On a Leash

The Third Party

The Love Doctor


It Would Be Great If You Didn't Exist!

White Angels Have No Wings

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It Would Be Great If You Didn't Exist!

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Little Witch Academia

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There needs to be more art of fashionable witches. Why is Diana the only one allowed to have 20 different outfits in the show?

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Hello friends, I hail from a board called /v/ and on there people claim to have accidentally visited /u/. They claimed there are real girls posting on this board. Is this true or are they like /v/'s girls mostly male girls.
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Symphogear General

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Serenade Edition
Serena is definitely soon in XDU! Maybe after Carol and the dolls.

Zesshoushinais with BDs soon as well. The future is bright for Symphogear.

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Morinaga Milk (Digital) (danke-Empire)

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Seven Seas released their Morinaga Milk catalogue in HD digital last week.

>Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink v01 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!BvQnBSwT!PbhfZrnOCI07DI3VrsL9Bphi2UAvUINIuUYfbSzF_yo

>Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink v02 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!s6hmlTCA!geoKhY-ikF1RSU0QFZrTMhOXlzV6VteTicwvTDvbD3A

>Girl Friends v01-05 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!l2RXESAa!fYW3WSM5AlcpkTSeEC76oiiDZJ4pxAds6fprPW9_ifE!Bq51zZwb!q4edQaT0MMQ71i0sDDdKEXe9OYbUhnVfvrWG6oTydJw!lq4C3BJb!q3jkTXZpYPY3D7CC_Jn84wGs5gqyb0l-6-5NPP9ilYY!ZuYShRLK!SNxB2jAQoLRIcnYbPT-0AUN15m6sjO4xESWx-X9VbNQ!1uQSmADR!hGeJxkKq_AWVgbq2yqquX5PGitySg0hazmqa2tlFa78

>Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl v01-05 (2006-2008) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!8yYnTZCL!aLERWHCzFMXrYDU9Lj5V5WhHnd71TV52p8RWEk3hYUo!tjoxwRbJ!Wr-0JqOYkBo7Wbr9op1_r2v1M-cFF1IcHbQDpGNBrVI!F6AXgYbI!0K8JYeRt0bk0m37ELBqxVkDx1qBh3Ozcgu5bbiu642M!JzYHyLAQ!SBr-TPC-2oqnjVkdWA8PRmvi7E782fUo84NYkjDdJxs!NupUDCBK!BmoVTGMw4JAGHW1qXVBHKD_yLELA0cSwt07PiL_Dklk
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Breast Fuck

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Do you know Breast can also fuck pussy?
This thread also include breast to nipple penetration and breast on breast paizuri.
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

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Fanfiction Thread

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Old Thread: >>2430518

Someplaces to fic

Post links to fics and discuss them and fanfiction in general. Link fics you like, your own stuff, anything goes as long as it's yuri.
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